Why Should You Choose Lip Blushing Treatment?

Lip Blushing treatment is one of the wonderful approaches in the world of the professional cosmetic industry. It made many a happy soul where you can wake up and walk out of the home without applying makeup. However, you might have been standing in front of your room mirror, artfully doing mini touch-ups on your face.

Lip blushing falls under permanent makeup techniques.

In the previous 6-7 years, there’s been a lot about makeup and beauty on social media. And if you have been active, you must have seen that lips have it or rule every Instagram hashtag. Moreover, lip blushing is like many other advanced cosmetic procedures like microblading, eyelash extensions, lip fillers, botox, and tattooed eyeliners. All of them are not permanent but semi-permanently alter your entire facial appearance. These work just like how a lip pencil or any concealer and mascara wand would do.

This approach is not different from others, but it needs an extended period with no removal or re-application. Previously, lip fillers or injections were taboo. With an immense advancement in the cosmetic field, it is one of the many procedures that many famous stars use. According to many, lip blushing treatment is like a daily wash of lipstick that never fades or wipes off. Instead, it gives a natural look to your pretty face.

What is Lip Blushing Treatment Exactly?

Lip Blushing technique is a form of semi-permanent makeup. It is a cosmetic tattooing procedure of the lips, which includes inducing pigments into your lips using small needles. The process enhances the contour and the beauty of your natural lip color. Besides, it also improvises the shape of lips, giving them high-definition and the illusion of fullness.

How can you differentiate between a lip blushing treatment and lip fillers/injections?

Lip fillers bring more volume to those thin lips. On the other hand, the lip blushing technique delivers a more natural look and gives a fuller lip illusion. It pronounces lip real estate by only color correcting and enhancing the lips’ shape and size.’ A lip tattoo that never fades’ or ‘a permanent lip color that has been tattooed for life.’

Fun Facts about Lip Blushing Technique

  1. The entire process of healing may take 5 to 10 days.
  2. It focuses on altering the shape and color of your lips to give that younger look.
  3. This permanent lip color matches its customized shades with your natural lip color.
  4. It is a shading and pixelating technique, unlike lip tattooing.
  5. It can last for two years without retouching.

Factors to Consider During the Procedure

  1. It is an expensive lip procedure, so you need to talk about your budget/cost.
  2. It may have possible side effects. So be sure that you are well aware of the procedure.
  3. It is essential to know ‘your pain tolerance.’

How Is Lip Blushing Treatment Done?

It is a procedure similar to lip tattooing, which is done in the following manner,

Step 1: Your provided cosmetic surgeon will numb or locally anesthetize your lips. They do this so that you cannot feel pain or less pain and any discomfort.

Step 2: Wait until the induced numbing agent is sufficient.

Step 3: The Cosmetic Surgeon will go over the shape and tone of the desired lips. And he/she will ask for your approval whether you like to proceed or not.

Step 4: Once you have decided your lips’ shape and tone, they will insert a natural-looking pigment into your lips. With the help of small needles, multiple layers are done to create an even smooth lip tone.

Step 5: This entire lip blushing treatment takes around 1 to 3 hours.

Does This Lip Blushing Technique Hurt?

This question pops up in everyone’s head, but no worries. In this given procedure, your surgeon is inducing a numbing agent to your lips, so you feel only a stippling sensation or nothing at all. Remember, it all depends on your pain threshold. That is, the lower your pain tolerance, the more amount of discomfort you might feel, and vice versa.

How Permanent is this Procedure?

Remember, it is a semi-permanent lip procedure, which means you need to have retouch-ups after every 2 to 3 years for this permanent lip color to remain fresh and natural. But factors like smoking, extreme exposure to the sun, and lip exfoliation may fade this permanent lip color before its expected time.

Side Effects

Every procedure may have little to no side-effects. In this lip blushing procedure, we may one of the few side effects that are not lethal. Such as,

  • Swelling, redness, and pain may decrease the healing period of the procedure.
  • If no adequate lip blushing aftercare is done, it may cause your lips to be infected. And you must seek medical attention if there is excessive swelling or oozing pus accompanied by unbearable pain.
  • In case of a severe infection, it may cause fever with chills only when there is no proper lip blushing aftercare.
  • Less encountered side effects are rash, scars. Itchiness bumps on the skin and uneven skin coloring.

Lip Blushing Aftercare & Healing

First, the healing process of this procedure is similar to that of tattooing. The things to be noticed are swelling and redness, which can be eradicated with ice cubes or cold compresses. Next, in the lip blushing aftercare, you must do the following,

  1. It is best to air-dry your lips for better results.
  2. Within a week, you will notice that the skin will scab, indicating that the lips have started to heal.
  3. You must not touch these skin scabs, which may cause lip scarring later. 
  4. It is wise to apply any petroleum jelly for itch relief.
  5. Avoid intense workouts for a few weeks until your lips are healed properly.
  6. Avoid sun exposure.
  7. Expected results will be more prominent in a month
  8. Lastly, a follow-up appointment is a must to assess your results.
  9. And a touch-up session may be required after a few months to get the precise color of your lip.

How Much Does It Cost?

As said earlier, this lip procedure is expensive, like many other cosmetic surgeries. It is not like you are paying for a traditional tattoo, but it’s a cosmetic lip procedure that will cost you up to $1500, which is no less. 


It is essential to know that whenever you plan to get this semi-permanent lip color, it should be done by a certified cosmetic surgeon who knows his/her job and explains to you all the pros and cons of this procedure. And lastly, always remember that lip blushing is a tattooing form that helps achieve more toned and shaped lips.

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