Facebook takes down above 30 Million posts in compliance with latest IT rules

Facebook actioned the above content pieces of 30 million among ten violation categories from May 15 to June 15. It is said by a social media giant in the monthly compliance report which mandates the IT rules.

Instagram takes some action against almost 2 million pieces among 9 categories at the same time.

Under the latest IT rules, big digital platforms with above 5 million users will publish the compliance reports monthly, mentioning the complaint details received and action taken on them. This report should indulge the number of particular communication links or the information parts that the intermediary has disabled or removed access with the automated tools.

A Facebook agent said from the years, Facebook has continually invested in people, processes, and technology to keep its users secure and safe online and allow them to freely express themselves on the platform.

They use a mixture of artificial intelligence, review by their teams, and reports from their community to review and find the content against their policies. The agent said to PTI that they will add some information and create attempts towards transparency.

According to Facebook, their upcoming report will be published on July 15, carrying the information of user complaints and action is taken.

They expect to publish the following report editions with a delay of 30 to 45 days after the reporting period to allow enough time for data validation and collection. They will carry transparency to their work and indulge information regarding their efforts in future reports.

They will publish a provisional report on July 2 giving information on the content and removed it at the time of May 15 to June 15. Other platforms that have prepared their reports include homegrown platforms Koo and Google.

Actioned content means the number of content pieces like videos, comments, photos, or posts where action has been taken for standard violation. Taking action can include removing the content piece from Instagram or Facebook or covering videos or photos that can be disturbing to users.

As per the IT rules, remarkable social media intermediaries are needed to appoint a nodal officer, grievance officer, and chief compliance officer, the officials should be residents in India.

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